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MPS is now part of Marel

United, the two companies will be at the forefront in developing full-line solutions and equipment for the meat processing industry.

MPS is now part of Marel »

MPS is now part of Marel
The M-line & TwinTools

MPS introduces latest generation slaughter robotisation.

The M-line & TwinTools »

The M-line & TwinTools
MPS Food Logistic Systems

Equipment to optimise your meat and food logistics.

MPS Food Logistic Systems »

MPS Food Logistic Systems
AQUA Industrial Watertreatment

Custom made solutions in industrial water treatment

AQUA Industrial Watertreatment »

AQUA Industrial Watertreatment
Slaughterline automation

High tech slaughter line equipment: our F-line and M-line slaughter robots

Slaughterline automation »

Slaughterline automation
MPS Service & Spares

Periodic inspections: technical knowledge on site and
extensive support for your process.

MPS Service & Spares »

MPS Service & Spares
Order picking systems

Ergonomics as focus
Man-to-Goods Manual order picking with Flow Rack buffer

Order picking systems »

Order picking systems

A new year – a new brand name

In the early part of 2016 Marel closed the acquisition of MPS Meat Processing Systems. After some months of integration we are now ready to make changes to the brand name as well. From January 1, 2017, MPS Meat Processing Systems and the brands of Butina, KJ and Durand will change to Marel Meat. As… | Read more »

MPS and Marel at IFFA 2016

Marel at IFFA 2016: Advancing food Processing IFFA 2016 was very successful for Marel. We launched several great innovative solutions for the primary, secondary and further processing of meat and confirmed several substantial sales. The number of visitors was high and new solutions like the QX Hydro system for production of cooked/smoked sausages, our new… | Read more »

Marel Acquires MPS

MPS meat processing system is now part of Marel. United, the two companies will be at the forefront in developing full-line solutions and equipment for the meat processing industry. Remko Rosman CEO of MPS meat systems is now managing director of Marel Meat and member of the company’s Executive Team. In January 2016 Marel closed… | Read more »

MPS meat processing systems

MPS meat processing systems is a global provider of automated slaughter lines for pigs, cattle and sheep, cutting and deboning lines, intra-logistics systems for the food industry and industrial wastewater treatment systems.

All systems delivered can be supported by the service department of mps. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


MPS Red Meat Slaughtering

Slaughter lines for pigs, cattle and sheep 
Cutting Lines and deboning systems



CO2 stunning systems
Blood collection systems and blood identification equipment

Durand Splitter

Durand International

Carcass Splitting Machines


MPS Food Logistic Systems

Intra Logistic systems for the food industry


AQUA Industrial Watertreatment

Industrial wastewater treatment systems


MPS Service & Spares

24/7 Service
Spare parts